Live on 12/6(Sat) fabrica&Oii pre “Where is a magic music ?”

fabrica&Oii pre “Where is a magic music ?
2014/12/06(Sat)at 三軒茶屋Grapefruit Moon


I’ll be in touch about the time of the perfomance.


Live on 11/9(Sun) “en006×LOUNGE NEO 12th Anniversary”

“en006×LOUNGE NEO 12th Anniversary”

2014/11/9(Sun) at Lounge Neo

TIME: 15:00 ~ LATE OPEN & START 15:00
PRICE: DOOR¥3,000(1D別) ADV¥2,500(1D別) Under20¥1,500(1D付)

ARTISTS: W/フルカワミキ, DE DE MOUSE, Kiyoshi Sugo, ★STAR GUiTAR, Wonder World, ORLAND, NUXX, Yun*chi, Andersons, ゆるめるモ!, DJ younaP!, JaccaPoP, TOBY, A-bee, DJ WASA a.k.a. SAWA.

Oii’s Performance 16:00~ at Glad Stage

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“en006×LOUNGE NEO 12th Anniversary”